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French Nails - all you need to know | Nail salon 60137

1. What are French nails?

A French tip manicure polishes nails in two colors, one for the bed of the nail and another for the tip. Traditionally, French tip manicures create a polished and professional look that replicates the natural nail in pink and white, but modern variations may use other colors.


2. What is the difference between French and American Nails?

The basic difference between a French Manicure and an American one is to do with the colour and in some salons the shape of the finished nails might be also slightly different. A classic French Manicure uses a pinky tone clear base all over the nail and then a dense white tip is painted across the ends.


3. Why are they called French nails?

When he came back to Los Angeles, he started calling it the “French manicure,” in honor of his friends in Paris and the runway models who donned his new look. After the people saw the chic nail look on Cher and Barbra Streisand, they started talking about it.


4. How long does a French manicure last?

If you get a regular French manicure it should last 7–10 days depending on how much use you have on your nails. A gel French manicure should last 14 days or longer.


5. What is a permanent French manicure?

If you're into a French manicure and it frustrates you when it starts to chip away on day 2 or 3, then a permanent French manicure is just what you need. ... Permanent French manicures need tending to, every 3 weeks or so by going back to the same salon that had it done for you


6. Does a French manicure look good on short nails?

Depends on how short. You want a little bit of a sliver of white showing over the nail bed before you do a French, but the nails don't really have to be long. I wear gel polish and a French manicure a lot. It's my favorite go-to for nails


7. Why Choose the French Manicure

Hence one of the nicknames for the french manicure is pink and white nails. The point of french nails is that it is meant to look natural, more realistic and more durable than other artificial nails. French tips can be done in both acrylic or gel form

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